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Energy cooperatives /energy clusters

Do you represent a local government?

Have you been considering establishing an energy cooperative to increase the energy security and competitive advantage of your community?

Are you trying to find out if there are plots within your community that meet the criteria for renewable energy infrastructure, such as photovoltaic and wind farms? And if so, which of these plots would be the most optimal when it comes to the costs of building such infrastructure?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Directly contact sales@kcdo.pl or fill out the contact form.

Directly contact sales@kcdo.pl or fill out the contact form.

Find out more about GEOBrain

GEOBrain, an innovative product for the automated search for plots.

GEOBrain offers advanced tools and algorithms that can help local governments identify the best plots for renewable energy infrastructure including photovoltaic and wind farms, and analyze the costs associated with building such infrastructure. This can help increase energy security and generate a competitive advantage for the community.