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Automated finder of any plot-locations for infrastructure for wind farms, industrial photovoltaics, green hydrogen, commercial and logistics centers, mini grids, or electric vehicle charging stations.

Are you an investor?

looking for the ideal location for a renewable energy infrastructure in a particular municipality, district, province or entire country? Or are you on the search for a suitable location within a certain distance from e.g. a power plant or a particular production company?

Are you representing large energy consumer?

Do you represent the industry, hospitals that consumes large amounts of energy, and do you want to ensure energy security and find the right locations for renewable energy sources near your company’s buildings?

Are you a representative of a local government?

looking for the ideal location for renewable energy investments to secure renewable energy for your constituents or energy clusters?

Then, you are in the right place.

We can help you.

Please contact us at sales@kcdo.pl to order a Demo or fill out the contact form. We will contact you within 12h.

Please contact us at sales@kcdo.pl to order a Demo or fill out the contact form. We will contact you within 12h.

GEOBrain at work

Automated search

for locations or verification of plots on a mass scale based on +150 detailed parameters in Poland, and soon in EU countries, for:

Use cases

Searching for locations for wind and solar installations in a proximity of a production company.
Regarding their green strategy, the management of a production company commissioned us to find the best investment sites for building wind and solar installations within a 15 km radius of the company. Using our analytical tool, we provided a detailed report and interactive maps within 7 days, for nearly 1,000 plots meeting the criteria (150 parameters) for photovoltaic farm installations and a few areas for a wind park.
Locations for building solar infrastructure within a specified distance from a switching station

Our client, a leader in the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) industry, commissioned us to search for the best locations for building solar infrastructure within a specified distance from a particular main power supply transformer station. Within 2 days, we provided detailed reports on the qualified sites along with an interactive HTML map.

What distinguishes GEOBrain?

We prepare the open data from municipalities and other vetted sources so we can work on numerical objects (deep data) allowing us to automate the workflow and serve different business and decision scenarios in a short time, even for large geographic areas.

The current area of search for our product consists of the territory of Poland. Searching for 10 ha, 100 ha, 10,000 ha or half of Poland’s area is not a challenge for us. Our product allows us to significantly shorten the process needed to find a location for a renewable energy infrastructure. We help our clients to radically shorten the time needed for analysis and decision making to  implement larger numbers of projects faster.

Location search based on over 150 parameters translates into a higher quality result of qualified areas, as well as more efficient and valuable work for the analytical departments. The machine is not prone to making mistakes and decisions are always based on predefined rules. Our algorithms excel at searching for ideal locations based on your chosen criteria and business case where manual methods fall short. Additionally, we can create any number of “what-if” scenarios based on the parameters in a much shorter time than human teams.
The final reports are intended for various professionals, not just those in the renewable energy sector. An Excel sheet provides information on the analyzed area, qualified areas and plots, as well as a list of search parameters selected by the client. Clients can select and define up to 150 criteria. We enhance the data with an analysis of the Local Development Plan. Moreover, clients have access to an interactive HTML map that shows all the plots included in the search results.
Using our product, you can reduce the cost of location search by at least 70% compared to manual processes performed by analytical experts for an area of comparable size.

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