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Empowering Local Governments in Renewable Energy Investments!

Are you a local government representative? Have you considered investing in renewable energy infrastructure in order to secure affordable energy supplies for your community?

Would you like to negotiate with potential investors from a better position when discussing the construction of RES infrastructure in your community? Do you want to understand the value of plots owned by the municipality or its residents for a potential investor?

Contact Us to Transform Your Community’s Energy Landscape! 

If you’re a local government representative seeking to speed up decision-making and energy transformation in your community, GEOBrain+ is the solution.

Contact us at sales@kcdo.pl to learn more about how our product can empower your community’s sustainable future.

Why is our product designed to support the local governments?

GEOBrain is designed to support the needs of local government units in various areas such as:

Our product also delivers information on the suitability of areas in the portfolio of the commune or belonging to private owners.