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Our customers

RES/DER investors, developers

Are you an investor or part of the analytical department of a renewable energy developer looking for an ideal location for a photovoltaic farm, wind farm, or green hydrogen power plant in Poland? 

Have you already decided on the location of your investment, including region, commune, or voivodeship or you are looking for an investment within a certain distance from existing or planned transformer stations to reduce the costs of your investment?

Perhaps you are still at the stage of assessing the potential in various locations for your investment in a renewable energy farm in Poland.

If so, you’ve come to the right place! 

We are here to help you. We will conduct a thorough analysis and provide detailed reports with interactive maps. 

Contact us at sales@kcdo.pl and our advisor will contact you within one business day to finalize the analysis request form. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Negotiate Effectively:

Our product equips local government representatives with valuable insights, allowing them to negotiate from a stronger position when discussing the construction of Renewable Energy (RES) infrastructure in their community.

  • Understand Plot Value:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the value of plots owned by the municipality or its residents. This knowledge is crucial when engaging with potential investors, providing you with a strategic advantage.

  • Accelerate Decision-Making:

Our analysis expedites decision-making processes, enabling local governments to swiftly implement energy transformation strategies for their communities.


  • Reliable Business Negotiations:

Our product provides reliable analyses for business negotiations with potential investors, enabling local governments to enter discussions as well-informed and confident participants.

  • Support for Energy Cooperatives:

geo:INFRA supports energy cooperatives by offering strategic insights and facilitating the development of effective energy strategies.