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Special Economic Zones

KCDO already cooperates with special economic zones, contributing to their success and development. KCDO is a Partner of the Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSSE). If you represent a special economic zone, contact us and try our product for free.
  • Explore renewable energy opportunities

Discover opportunities to integrate renewable energy solutions within Special Economic Zones to increase sustainability and operational efficiency.

  • Present scenarios tailored to your future Business Partners and Foreign Investors

Use advanced geo:INFRA tools and algorithms to identify the most strategic plots for any infrastructure, regardless of whether they are photovoltaic farms, wind installations, or your Business Partner’s new factory.

  • Profitable decision making

geo:INFRA not only identifies potential locations – it enables you to make informed decisions based on the analysis of costs related to infrastructure construction.

  • Discover the advantages of geo:INFRA

Contact us at sales@kcdo.pl or fill out the contact form to find out how geo:INFRA can support unlocking the full potential of your Economic Zone and positioning it as a centre for sustainable development and economic prosperity!

You are in the right place!

Contact us and together we will find for you the best locations for your investments!

Contact us at sales@kcdo.pl or fill out the contact form.

Contact us at sales@kcdo.pl or fill out the contact form.


Our algorithms can determine the ideal areas for any construction project. GEOBrain successfully supports investors who are looking for precisely defined areas for projects such as:

Here’s how it works:  Contact us and fill out an order form with one of our advisors. Specify the location, such as a city, specific districts in the city, voivodeship, commune, or village. Our tool will perform an automated terrain analysis based on over 150 parameters which values you can define. In the final report, you will receive a list of qualified areas with a detailed analysis of plots that meet the search criteria set by the client. You’ll also get information about the Local Development Plan and an useful interactive map containing all qualified plots.
Examples: Our client was looking for the best locations for a shopping center within one of the largest cities in Poland. We conducted an automated analysis, as well as a local development plan (LDP)analysis, and delivered a report with several dozen plots that met all their search criteria.