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Our customers

Private landowners

Are you a farmer who is concerned about electricity prices? Would you like to build a photovoltaic (PV) farm and analyze the potential of your land?

Do you want to lease your land for renewable energy infrastructure such as photovoltaics and wind farms to an investor?

Would you like to determine the value of your land to have a strong negotiating position?

If so, you are in the right place!

Contact us and together we will find for you the best locations for your investments!

Contact us at sales@kcdo.pl or fill the contact form.

Contact us at sales@kcdo.pl or fill the contact form.

GEOBrain can provide valuable support to landowners

especially those in rural areas of Poland who are looking to leverage the potential of the renewable energy infrastructure development. With the rise of energy costs, farmers are increasingly interested in using renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics.

Our innovative product utilizes advanced algorithms to help landowners identify the best locations in Poland for renewable energy infrastructure, as well as for agricultural needs. Our algorithms can even find locations where experts may struggle to do so.

Additionally, a new trend in agriculture has emerged in Europe known as agrovoltaics, which involves energy generation with simultaneous production of crops, resulting in both better quality of crops and increased photovoltaic effectiveness. If this trend takes off in Poland, GEOBrain will be well-prepared to serve the needs of landowners.